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        Spring Break Registration Is Now Open!

                                                       April 21st -25th, 2014

                                                  4050 Brandywine Parkway
                                                     Wilmington, DE 19803

Click the a link below to download a registration packet.

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Click here to download a packet in PDF format

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                  Summer Registration In Now Open!
                                                 A summer of Fashion Fun!
                                                       2 Sites Available

         New Castle County                           Kent County
        June 16th-August 22nd                                June 16th -August 15th
                 9:00am-4:30pm                                                   9:00am-4:30pm
           Brandywine Town Center                                           Wesley College
                   Activity Center                                               120 North State Stre
          4050 Brandywine Parkway                                         Dover, DE 19901
             Wilmington, DE 19803

 Click here for a New Castle County                       
Click here for a Kent County
Registration Packet in Word Format                  Registration Packet in Word Format

Click here for a New Castle County
                          Click here for a Kent County
Registration Packet in PDF Format                    Registration Packet in PDF Format

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Child Name & County Interested
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Thanks to all who attended our end of the summer Fashion Arts Gala!! Hope to see you again summer 2014!









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